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Step into a world of Soul Drops - feel better, more balanced, connected, relaxed, intuitive, creative, inspired, energetic, focused, and integrated.

Crafted with love and shamanic wisdom in the U.S., each small batch blends certified organic and wild-harvested ingredients. Vegan, gluten-free, and free from fillers or binders. Lab-tested for purity and potency.

Transform Your Daily Routine into a Spiritual Journey

What Other People Say About SOUL DROPS

Unique Source of Harmony

The unique power of these herbal supplements comes from ancient healing plants sourced around the world

Over 25,000 Positive Reviews

When 99% of all products reviews are 5-Stars, we know we're on the right path to making meaningful differences in your lives

Handcrafted in Small Batches

Our products are made using certified organic herbs and wild-harvested plants in a vegan and gluten free kitchen

Trusted for Over a Decade

SOUL DROPS draws on 20 years of shamanic plant healing and herbalism, 10 years are tested by psychotherapists

Mind - Body - Soul

Sacred Plants Elixirs

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Physical & Mental Performance

Smart Mushroom Tonics

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Brain - Power - Libido

Ancient Superfood Mixes

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From the Desk of the Founder

Vlada Talan, a Renowned Shamanic Healer & Herbalist

"I believe happiness is our natural state. My mission is to help people reach energetic balance and unlock their full potential.

The sacred plants work as allies to empower you to improve your health, increase energy, boost сoncentration, inspire creativity, balance mood, relax, and sleep more easily. I recommend SOUL DROPS as part of a positive lifestyle along with a healthy diet, exercise, time in nature, and mindfulness practice.

You are here because you’re ready to level up and step into your full power. Give a soulful gift to yourself and your loved ones. Be well. Be joyful. Be free."

What People Are Saying

Love it so much

"I've been taking Soul Drops for months now. I have very high anxeity..... They make you feel like a load has been taken off your chest, it's the best way I can explain it. It's like a relief in a dropper. Highly recommend ❤"

Rosie, Verified Buyer

A Note of Gratitude

"I wanted to send you a note of gratitude for your Soul Drops product. The insights I have received, and continue to receive, have been nothing less than astonishing."

Jamila, Verified Buyer

Totally amazing results

"What is in your "mind" spagyric? Totally amazing results. And omg your other spagyrics are seriously a gift from unity consciousness. I have been using them for 15 days and the results are literally transcendent. Thanks for the gift."

Robert, Verified Buyer

I can’t tell you how utterly impressed I am with your formulations

"I have been using your Soul drops for almost 3 months now and i am so impressed with their effect that I have been prescribing them to some of my clients for deep healing."

Phil M., Verified Buyer


"I bought the Master Plant Trio and just two days after starting, I feel like a new person. I’ve accomplished more at work in two days than I usually do in a week. I tackled things immediately, head on, without anxiety or procrastination, and my normal triggers don't even phase me. I’m calm without being numb and focused without being paranoid."

Sarah L., Verified Buyer

I woke feeling positive and with no anxiety ☀️

"I actually danced all morning. By myself. Just because. I haven't done that in months. I have had no anxiety today, and I don't feel the need to self medicate this evening for sleeping. Really grateful for this product!"

Kelly V., Verified Buyer

About Mind-Body-Soul Harmony

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The Unique Product

Look And Feel
Years Younger, Naturally

"Most beauty products only mask the skin aging problems while leaving the feelings of insecurity inside. That's the problem I wanted to solve. Beauty is more than skin-deep, so we should nourish it from the inside out." – Vlada Talan

With our formula, you can now bring them back closer to the levels of years past and once again enjoy glowing skin, a stronger-feeling body and a sparkling zest for life!

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