You make a beautiful product

You make a beautiful product. :) I was skeptical - but find that each elixir functions quite as described. And when engaged with mindfulness and respect the experience unfolds with beauty and depth.

- Jason

Energy shoots through the roof

I have taken Soul Drops for just two days so far. All four (regular strength). I feel that Cosmos before bed gives me nice sleep - restful with little bursts of joy in my sleep, and waking early, joyful. MIND is awesome. I have taken it just before a cup of black tea and I get tingles and my mind opens and my energy shoots through the roof and I feel alive, brilliant, enthusiastic. I talk to colleagues about my (work related) ideas and they nearly jump out of their chairs with excitement. It's cool.

Thanks for sharing your products.

Best wishes,

- Sarah

Changed everything

I got the missing bottle today, thanks again for sending it so quickly. My daughter received the one I sent her and she took some this morning. All day we’ve been talking about how amazing they are. Her mood switched immediately. Not just her mood, her whole outlook on life. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the product and how much it’s changed everything for us. Thank you thank you thank you.

- Cheryl

Consciousness raising moments

I wanted to tell you one thing that happened that makes me smile every time I think about it. It’s way too long to put in the testimonials but I think you guys will appreciate it. As I’ve said before, I use my rational mind and think in terms of science and nature and I tend to reject religion and things that sound like religion or mystical powers beyond our knowledge. So when I started taking the Soul Drops I went into it with this mind. So much information kept coming to me from all angles, movies I’d stumble upon, customers at work, one bit of information would lead me to investigate more, so within a week I had learned all of this amazing information about the unconscious mind and how it affects everything we do. I was so excited to find that things which seemed mystical actually had some physical scientific reasons behind them. One of the movies I watched was called Inn Saei, and in it they explained that the unconscious mind has so much information for our conscious mind but we can only handle so much, so one of the ways it will bring our attention to something it feels we need, is through symbols and signs. We will perceive something as a sign and put value on that incident or concept. So I found a meditation that helps you find your symbol. I immediately saw a hand gently holding a snake, and I was like, come on now, snakes are a bad symbol, plus my daughter had just sent me a photo of her holding a big snake earlier in the day, so I was like give me something else, and I then saw a waterfall. I opened my eyes and was thinking ok, this is some bullshit because a waterfall isn’t a symbolic thing like an animal, but I looked up the symbolism of snakes and found that before they were considered a bad symbol, they actually had so many good meanings, all of the things I am proud of, or am still working at in my life. Health, maternal instinct, cleanliness, femininity, rebirth, purity etc.. so then I looked up waterfalls, and they had ALL of the same meanings! Purity, rebirth, healing etc.. I was so excited that I’d actually gotten the message from my unconscious mind even after rejecting it the first time! Anyway, that is only one of the consciousness raising moments I’ve had so far, and all of the other ones have been equally as monumental for me.

Have an awesome day and thanks again

- Cheryl

Helped me to feel connected to Mother Aya

I just got back from Peru and Soul Drops have helped me to feel connected to Mother Aya back here in NY! Thank you for this product. It has really been great for integration... I love them and I’m getting the Mind drops today so I can’t wait to try those too!

- Tracy

Feel a contentment I have not felt since a child

I have suffered from ongoing depression which has seriously worsened over the past few years, by July last year I had been suffering from recurring depression every 5 weeks, which would sometimes last for as long as 8 long excruciating days , it would be so bad that I struggled to get out of bed and function normally. I was taking anxiety meds in the evening and overeating in the day to numb my emotions. In August last year I began my first microdosing course of Sol and Lun. By October my depression had gone and has not returned since. I don't take anti anxiety medication anymore and have dropped 10 kgs. I have clarity from the Sol drops which help me focus mentally throughout the day and lift my mood. The Lun helped me fall asleep easier and intensified my dreams, each morning I would wake up feeling lighter and free of issues that had been cluttering my mind. My intuition is spot on these days and I feel a contentment I have not felt since a child, I am also more sensitive to others emotions which has strengthened connections with friends and family. I am about to start my third course of microdosing. I have absolute gratitude for this work.

Much love xxx

- Gail

My miracle microdose story

I think it is a miracle!
I have had migraine headaches for the last 25 years that have increased in intensity frequency and duration over time. Triggered around the time my children were born at age 35, I was already familiar with the pattern because I have so many family members with the same issue. Originally I had around 8/month and I could keep up my University dance teaching job (I had been a professional ballet dancer and was now a teach and restager) but as time went on I had, on a good month, 13 migraines and many times up to 25 migraines. As you can imagine, work was no longer a possibility because I couldn't keep a schedule. I had many grief struck experiences as I watched my connection to the career I loved drift away. Of course I tried the usual approaches. I worked on my diet, eliminating triggers and adding beneficial supplements and nutrients. I also sought out the best medical care at the Jefferson Headache Institute in Philadelphia. I had years of trying various drugs, but nothing worked. I also explored alternative therapies too numerous to list. Still no relief from the pain and exhaustion. I turned to painting, meditation and the study of Buddhist philosophy and teachings. This helped to change my relationship to the pain and ended my deep soul suffering but I still had the headaches. Migraines really are not "just" a headache, they are a full body neurological experience that even without the pain, leaves me exhausted in a flu-like way.
I listened to your very interesting talk and bought the 3 vials to take home. Starting that night,  I was curious but didn't have super high expectations because I had been through so many other alternate therapies.  I had a certain bias that if it helped it certainly wouldn't be anything dramatic.  But just helping would have been good enough!
The first thing that happened was a return to a feeling of normalcy. The fog of exhaustion lifted. I gained multiple hours in my day!  I always keep a migraine journal and mark each migraine day.  As the days and then weeks went by I had day after day without migraine, high energy and a growing sense of a shift in my brain chemistry.  I did have the idea that my brain was rewiring and no longer defaulted to migraine "setting" I slowly tapered of  my latest ineffective prescribed drug and still had only a rare and occasional migraine, usually so mild I didn't need to take anything.

With love and deep gratitude,

- Suzanne

Positive results with elderly parents

In a few short weeks I have discovered that Soul Drops are already doing an amazing job of restoring and integrating compassion, understanding and respect through love and light, showing us how to honor all creations of the universe consistently on a daily basis. In addition I have been trying the Lun Drops with both my elderly parents, my dad having dementia and my mother afflicted with Parkinson's. Already we are starting to see some positive results especially in relieving anxiety while improving focus and balance.

I will be slowly introducing the other plants to them one by one to accurately monitor the results and will keep you posted.

Thank you for your dedication towards refining a new approach in administering Ancient Wisdom...bringing wellbeing into our daily lives.

- Jonathan

Soul Drops Rock!!

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing blends and herbal products, as I have studied Shamanism from the very early 1970's, and trained for decades under various digerati Shamans; I have worked with the master healer plants many times around our planet, and although I had heard of micro-dosing, I had never tried it.

Our first experience was very intriguing and enlightening - enough so for me to purchase two bottles, of each of the four blends, to return home with.

Wishing you much continued success.

Much love, peace, light and many blessings.

- Steve L.

Transformational power

In the first week after integrating Soul Drops into my daily routine, I began to realize that the work I was doing was unfulfilling and bringing unnecessary stress into my life.  Two weeks later, I started more fulfilling work in a new environment with a supportive community of people I respect. I see this big and visible change in my daily life as illustrative of a deeper current of positive change I have been cultivating which has been facilitated and profoundly accelerated by the Soul Drops. I am in awe of the transformational power of the Soul Drops and grateful for the clarity they have provided me in helping me align with the best version of myself.

- Dan F.

Highly recommend Soul Drops to everyone seeking Love and Light!

I am a Reiki practitioner and I also meditate daily, so I am quite attuned to the energies in my body. A friend introduced me to Soul Drops and I've been incorporating them into my life. Upon taking Soul Drops, their effects are unambiguous and noticeable also immediately.  Sol is like a warming massage for my third, fourth and fifth chakras -- it makes me feel ready to hold space for myself and for others.  I can feel Lun in my second, third, and fourth chakras, and it connects me with my emotions and with the beauty in everything (last night I had a long happy cry).  I experience Cosmos as tough love, and an ability to step outside my own situation and see what's not serving me in my life.  I look forward to working with these spirits and receiving their teachings for years to come, and highly recommend Soul Drops to everyone seeking Love and Light!

- Hugo L.

Prescribing to clients for deep healing

I came across your Spagyrics by chance a couple of months ago.  Being an applied kinesiologist, I work with the energy of the body as well as the energy of plant based food medicines.  I can’t tell you how utterly impressed I am with your formulations.
I have been using your Soul drops for almost 3 months now and i am so impressed with their effect that I have been prescribing them to some of my clients for deep healing.

To Yours in Healing,

- Phil M., LMT DC

Results are literally transcendent

What is in your "mind" spagyric? Totally amazing results. And omg your other spagyrics are seriously a gift from unity consciousness. I have been using them for 15 days and the results are literally transcendent. Thanks for the gift.

To yours in health,

- Robert

Thrilled with the progress

Just wanted to give you some updates and feedback.

[SOL] - increased clarity, energy and positive outlook on life for both of us. 3 drops works great.
[LUN] - definitely works and is healing us both but the mother is powerful. 1.5-2 drops seems to be best. We did 3-4 drops a couple days and Chelsea had massive and powerful emotional and physical purges. I had powerful purges as well. Mine were mostly intense rage releases and visions. Having to be spartan with drops. She is so strong in us.
[COSMOS] - this is the trickiest of all. Chelsea has had very dark and intense dreams. But she can't recall them fully because of the Lyme. I have had extremely vivid and violent dreams. ... However, the sleep was still restful and restorative for both.

The combination does appear to be causing a massive die off of the Lyme in Chelsea. More so than even when she went to a homeopathic physician last year. My anxiety level is way down and my mental clarity and creativity have been noticeably increased.

Just thought you'd like to know. Overall, thrilled with the progress. Love and Light.

- Randall and Chelsea 

Insights have been astonishing

I wanted to send you a note of gratitude for your Soul Drop product. I began my journey with them one month ago. The insights I have received, and continue to receive, have been nothing less than astonishing. Daily use has "directed" me to resources and people that are helping to heal areas of my life long out of balance; to illuminate long buried areas that needed addressing and were previously inaccessible to me. As a professional who tends to be quite analytical and doubting in nature, I cannot adequately express my profound thanks and pleasure in discovering this life-changing tool.

- Jamila